Technical View : CNX IT and Bank Nifty, 14 November 2013

Bank Nifty Intraday Levels and Trading Tips

Today, it is important for intraday 10600.

If Bank Nifty sustains below 10600 then it could test 10400, and below that level it could test 10100.

Instead, if Bank Nifty trades above 10600, then it could test 10750.

Nifty Bank’s short- term technical view

10500 are important for the Bank Nifty in the short term. As long as it trades below that level, is likely to fall to the level of 9000. If instead it trades above 10500, then it could test 11000.

Bank Nifty Forecast

CNX IT Intraday Levels and Trading Tips

Today, 8850 is the crucial intraday level.

CNX IT sustains above 8850, and then it could test 8920.

If it trades below 8850 CNX Instead, it could test 8800 and below that level it could test 8700.

Short-term technical view of CNX IT

The level 7950 is crucial for Cnx IT is the short term. If it fails to move above this level, then it is likely to see a short term correction towards 6800 level. Instead, if it trades above 7950, then it could test 8200.

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