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new 31 JanWhat Are Penny Stocks?

A penny stock is defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a low priced common stock: a stock trading less than $5 a share. Penny stocks are usually traded outside the major stock exchanges (such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq) and are stock traded on what is called through pink sheets or the OTCBB (over-the-counter-bulletin board). Both pink sheets and the over-the-counter-bulletin board (OTCBB) give different ways to trade stocks that don’t meet the stringent listing requirements of the major exchanges ((such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq). Of course, this also means that penny stocks are often more unstable than your typical stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Overall, because of the very risky connected with penny stocks, we do not recommend you to trading them unless you are a very complicated investor and have a clearly better strategy.

What to look at out for When choosing an Adviser or Broker

1) Fees and Trade Commissions – Because a lot of penny stock trades involve a huge amount of shares, seem for an adviser or broker that charges a flat commission. This will nearly always gain profits over the each share incumbrance levied by a lot of brokers or advisers. Trifid Research, for example, tacks on extra profits per share. Be sure to ask about any additional fees previous to making a decision, and remember that different adviser or brokers have different definitions of penny stock. A few consider anything below $5 a penny stock, while others make the cut-off at $3 or $1, and a few have other definitions.

2) Restrictions of Volume – A good quality penny stock adviser or broker will permit you to trade unlimited shares any additional fees, but some charge more for huge orders. A few brokers or advisory also provide limited number of penny stock share tips you can trade in intraday trading or in one order, forcing customers to pay another fee and sluggish their trading strategy.

3) Restrictions of Trading– Ideally, your penny stock adviser or broker will permit you to trade penny stocks with their online platform, now as you would a standard stock. Stay an eye out for hard frame that need you to trade penny stocks through an adviser or broker, or the limits of imposing on the different types of trades you can perform with them. For example, a lot of advisory or brokerages don’t permit customers to short penny stocks. And a few doesn’t trade stocks significant below a certain amount, like $0.05 or $0.01.

Trifid Research

Trifid Research gives you a lot of penny stock policies with its parent company, here are many customers get the best tips for stock trading Example Rajnish Singh. Trifid Research customers have access to a great picking of penny stocks at a flat rate in the stock market, with no additional any fees. However, the brokerage doesn’t permit customers to short stock, a little for lively traders to remember.

Lively stock market traders may be impressed, though, with Trifid Research trading Tips like Nifty Tips, Stock Tips and Commodity Tips and many more. The Advisory frame has created a few stimulations just with its Trifid Research, which combines the functionality of several different site tools, permit users to search for better trading tips and better ideas by different category – including volatility and earning – and market sentiment. Many also rate its mcx-sx.co.in and currencytips.co.in as one of the best among online tips provider Web site. But users often prefer the user-friendly website.

The Advisory or Broker phone, SMS and live chat support is available for most traders during limited hours, Monday to Saturday and futures traders can receive 24*7 live support. All of the advisory firm’s customer service options, including Android App, Yahoo messenger and email, receive generally good reviews, although a few notes that response of email times can be slow.

Trifid Research- Review for Trading Tips


Unlike a lot of the online Trading Tips provider competing for trading tips, Trifid Research is a relative experienced and newcomer to the market. Some more than a decade old, the company builds itself around Stock equity, commodity and options trading tips, previous to adding futures abilities through a better attainment. Trifid Research was itself to prove the better accuracy level to any tip provider company.

Services Offered

Maybe not unexpectedly given the name, Trifid Research offers a collection of services to stock and options traders. What may surprise a few, though, is the limit to which other types of trading are available. To begin with, Trifid Research offers full stock, equity, commodity and options trading tips, including more facilitating more elaborate/difficult options and stock strategies, and penny options.

Trifid Research also offers a very wide range of futures trading tips; while a lot of advisory frame now offers a few futures trading tips, it is often limited to a choose number of exchanges.

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