Get Nifty Trading Tips for Beginners

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Nifty trading is a very common and popular approach to the  Indian Share Market. In nifty trading, trader buy and sell a stock within the same day, i.e he square-off all his positions by the end of the trading session, this is called Intraday trading.

Here  we provide all the basis of first step to learn in the nifty trading tips. Nifty tips is also known as risky trading is a trend of entire market or a particular stock can not be predicted perfectly for a  day.

Making a profitable buy or sell trades in Nifty Future Tips  is not that easy,  as it seems to be. Movement of a stock might get reversed, doesn’t matter the entire market trend is favorable to your expectations or not.

 Trading you get less time to pick a stock and to decide whether and when to buy or sell a stock in order to get maximum profit, because there are lots of stock, available in the share market.

The most important and prior thing in Day trades is to reduce losses or bad trades. This is often known as the principal of limiting your losses. For this you keep a “stop loss” which prevents you from huge losses.

Intraday Trading Tips     

In Intraday trading you make profit by taking advantage of small (sometimes big) single day price fluctuations in Highly liquid stocks or index (such as Nifty). To make a profitable trade follow some common Intraday trading strategies-

Wait for the right price  . Do not make out decisions based on speculations, Wait for the right price to enter in the trade.  Keep eying fundamentals along with technicals of the stocks and enter only when it reaches the target buying/selling price (execution price).

Check Volumes- Before picking a stock to Long or short, check out its total buying and selling quantity. A increasing buying volumes show that the stock might rise Up and vice versa.

Put A Strict Stop loss- A Stock (or Index) might behave just opposite to what you have expected or what is depicted by the technical charts. This happens due to sudden bad news about the stock or other factors which affects the market adversely. So keep a stop-loss limit to avoid huge losses.

Do not Over trade- Do not put all your capital in a single stock or a single day trade. Do not expect a  huge profit from a single stock. Rather trade in different stocks, makes small profits in each which will add up to make a good return to your trades.

Wait, Watch and Then Decide- Wait for right  time to enter in the market, watch for the right stock and then only decide to pick it up.

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