Forex Market Picking News

Support for CURRENCY USDINR Support is seen at 68.3000, 68.2000 And 68.1000 levels
While resistance is seen 68.5000, 68.6000 And 68.7000 levels.
Support for CURRENCY EURINR Support is seen at 74.2000, 74.1000 And 74.0000 levels
While resistance is seen at 74.5000, 74.6000 And 74.7000 levels.
Support for CURRENCY GBPINR Support is seen at 97.6000, 97.5000 And 97.4000 levels
While resistance is seen at 98.0000, 98.1000 And 98.2000 levels.
Support for CURRENCY JPYINR Support is seen at 57.6000, 57.5000 And 57.4000 levels
While resistance is seen at 57.9000, 58.0000 And 58.1000 levels.



EURINR on daily charts had reversed from the trend line acting as support and closed higher, suggesting bulls can become effective above the level of 74.4100.

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